WFSNY Events


MAR | 2023

Silver Cellar Bin End Limited Dinner at Hawksmoor

The Society usually buys wine by the case on release, but we don’t always use the entire case.  Accordingly, we end up with a bottle or two of stellar wine that just doesn’t work for large events.  So, we could either auction those bottles to strangers and use the money to put toward new cases for our cellar – or, let our interested members enjoy them in small gatherings and put the proceeds toward new cases for our cellar.  We’ve opted for the latter approach.  Please join Jack Gordon and Jed Kaminetsky for our another “bin-end” dinner on March 20.  Cost will be based on the wines selected -- plus the food tab, at Hawksmoor, which has lovely private dining room.   Seating will be limited to ten per table.  If the event sells out, we will add another table on a different date to be determined. This is intended as a members only event.   Guest seating will only be available if members don’t fill all the seats.  Seats will be priced based on the value of the wines selected.  Wine selections will be released prior to the event.